Website Design & Publishing

We offer a comprehensive website creation service for our clients. From the initial concept stage of your website through to a fully search engine optimized & published website, submitted to the most appropriate search engines for your sector.

Too many website designers have their roots in print publishing and offer sites that have their design origins in printed world.
These websites are often ineffective because the design concepts of printed advertising do not transfer to the World Wide Web.

If you want new customers, more and better business then let G-Tek build you the effective, search engine friendly and standards compliant website that you need.

Website Design.

We will identify your target audience and feel of the website with you. Then, using the most appropriate methods and technologies create your website.
Your company is unique and because of this we do not work from a template and make a few name changes. Our sites are designed to be unique to you - it is our aim to make you stand-out from the rest.

We can incorporate your existing art-work/photography or create new from scratch. Of course, if you already have a strong branding for your business then we will gladly work with your existing logos, company identity and images.
Stock images are available to license at very reasonable rates and can have add greatly to the visual impact of your site. If new photographic images are required then again, these too can be arranged.
All graphics are carefully and efficently optimised for size and quality - an absolute requirement for quick loading, high quality images on the Web.

Unless it is specifically not an issue - i.e. a known browser being used by all the websites' audience e.g. possibly a company intranet site - all websites will be designed to be cross-browser compatible.
Browsers do not all render (dispaly) web pages the same - a page that looks great in say, Internet Explorer may be a total shambles or not work at all in FireFox. You may be surprised at the number of sites that fall into this trap!

Flash can be used to either incorporate animations that will enhance the overall presentation of the website or to create the website itself.
We will be glad to advise which is the most effective course to achieve your aims.

If you wish we can develop your website using the tool of your choice so that you can later amend it yourself, although we do offer an all inclusive update service.

Search Engine Optimisation.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

"The term used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimising a website, including the content and structure of the website's copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process."

"This is the process of choosing keywords or phrases related to the site so that the site will receive a high placing in a web search."

Above are a couple of definitions of what SEO is. The bottom line is that if your site is not properly constructed and optimised for search engines then it is likely to remain virtually anonymous on the Web.

Around 90% of websites are found through search engines. Whilst there are billions of web pages known to the search engines there are billions more languishing without visitors. This is why SEO is so very important if you are to have a succesful website.

We have a proven track record in achieving high search engine rankings using solid techniques for our clients.

Website Submission and Search Engine Position Tracking.

Once your website has been uploaded and is live on the Internet, it then needs to be submitted to the relevant search engines. Everyone has heard of Google but very important though Google is there are other search engines that need to be considered and these are likely to have different criteria than Google alone.

G-Tek will ensure that your web site is submitted to the relevant search engines and that it is appropriately prepared and optimised for them.

We will then track your search engine position and can compare this against your named competitors or market leaders to give you the most complete picture of your website performance including targetted keyword results.

If you are uncertain of the effectiveness or visbility of your current website contact us for a detailed report and improvement recommendations.

Website Maintenance and Updating Service.

We provide a maintenance service that includes all updates and changes to your site. You can be sure that your site will be updated whenever required, on a timely basis, without having the worry of resourcing the changes yourself.
No staffing problems and skill shortages, just the certainty that your website is never out of date.
All this for a fixed annual fee at a cost less than you could match in-house.

E-Commerce Websites

If your wish to sell online contact us for the complete solution using only the most robust technologies and methods.

Whether you have a small or a large inventory, we can provide the solution to your e-commerce website.

Website Hosting and Domain Registration.

Excellent rates for domain name registration and website hosting on reliable, high availability servers.
Can form part of the total web package available to our clients.

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